Contrôle constitutionalité

  • Règlement Intérieur de l’Assemblée Nationale Voir Décision de la HCC
  • Regardless of the methodology taken it is favorable with a coordinated and strong theoretical structure and an educational plan that unmistakably manages the student and coach through the proposition writing process. Kapborg and Bererto recommend that elegantly composed criteria can build the nature of the theory writing as it give the coaches directing when mentoring and evaluating the proposition writing. Through the writing procedure the mentor should check it out how students wrote the assignments and if he has any comments, he must guide them likewise should be a spark in different ways. It may comprise of training, controlling, empowering, testing, basically identifying with the student’s work, empowering students to adapt together, and so forth. Access to learning assets, for example, libraries, databases, addresses, study guides, different specialists, workshops, and so on., may build the students’ capacity to finish their theory writing on an agreeable level. Students additionally originate from various societies and with various needs which requires the staff to consistently grow how learning and information can be comprehended in various societies and operationalized in various courses in a postulation. These desire necessitates that guides always look for new information and comprehension of what it is to mentor and how it is to be a student in the instructional exercise circumstance.